SMS Clienteling for Beauty Brands

Fire up a text conversation to recover carts, offer advice, refill products and make more sales.

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Outsourced experts. Ready to text.

  • Product related questions?
    No problem.
  • Friendly check-ins?
    We've got you.
  • Subscriptions, recommendations, reviews?
    All in our wheelhouse.


Four Areas Where SMS Can Rapidly Support Your Business

Start an SMS Conversation From a Product Page 👋

You've earned that customer through your marketing, don't let them slip through your fingers! Add a 'Text Us' button and get chatting.

Answer their questions and steer the conversation towards a sale. Once you've made a personal connection, you have permission to contact them in the future or initiate an automated SMS workflow.



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Use Abandoned Carts To Show You Care ♥️

When it comes to abandoned carts, you don't have to leap straight to an offer!

At Aloro, we're here to see if we can convert that customer just by checking in!

Was there a product concern we could address? Can we use some scarcity or social proof?

By saving an offer until the last resort, we can bump that AOV and LTV while establishing more brand value in the process.

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Get Smart With No Hassle Subscriptions 💋

Despite subscriptions being the holy grail for most businesses, some consumers don't feel the same. What if they have too much or too little!?

A well-timed text is the answer. Do they actually need a refill?

Perhaps the product wasn't quite right for them? No problem, recommend something else and start over!

Everything is possible when you have a real person driving the conversation.





Build Long Term Relationships 💃🏽

Every beauty retailer wants to follow up on a sale in a personal way, and now you can. Set an automated message or reminder to reconnect up with your customers.

Like an expert salesperson, start with a soft touch and then try any number of tactics based on their reply... A recommendation, some content, a review, a referral or just a plain old high 5.

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VIP Campaigns With the Personal Touch

As your most intimate channel, SMS is perfect for sending personal campaigns to high-value customers.

Whether it's VIP clubs, rewards or early access, create a razor-sharp segment and drop your campaign.



Features at a Glance


IPHONES-listbuilding (1)

Super Effective
List Building

A key component of success, Aloro focuses on winning strategies to increase the size and quality of your list.

Product-Segmentation (1)


Tailored messages and relevant incentives lead to better results and higher retention rates.


Two-Way Communication

Customers expect personalization and Aloro allows for a direct and meaningful exchange with them.

Integrate With Shopify in Minutes

We prioritize integrating our platform with most e-commerce and CRM solutions. These integrations are seamless and guarantee better results for our clients.
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Aloro is a global company that is compliant in all countries, from the U.S. to Europe.

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