SMS Clienteling for Apparel Brands

Have SMS conversations with your customers to win back carts, recommend products and share helpful tips.

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Aloro's Text Experts Understand Your Brand.

We have experts who love chatting all things fashion. Boot cut, slim fit, off the shoulder or plain old "classic", we talk the lingo.

For any tricky questions that can't be solved via your FAQ or online resources, we'll reach out to you for verification.


Five Areas Where SMS Is Perfect for Apparel Brands.

Spark up a Chat on a Product Page 👋

No stress if you don't have your customer's number—you can ask for it on a product page! We can insert a prompt in- or on-page inviting a conversation.

We love kicking things off this way because the customer immediately gets connected to your brand. Once the SMS channel is open, it's our job to grow it responsibly with helpful and friendly messages. 





Win Back Abandoned Carts Without Using Offers 💪

We have a million tricks up our sleeve before we start throwing around those frivolous 10% discounts... especially when it comes to apparel!

As part of our onboarding, we'll make sure we're intimate with your product FAQs and sizing. Depending on what the customer left in the cart, we'll ask why they left it... Was it to do with fit? Material? Returns? 

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Build Meaningful Customer Relationships 🙌

Second, only to a phone call, SMS is the most personal marketing channel.  We'll never send a NO REPLY message, instead, we'll reach out from time to time to check in on purchases and mention brand-building product USPs.

We'll also be there to field questions from your customers! We want them to feel like they have a hotline straight to the CEO's office!







Show You Care With Loyalty Messages 👩‍❤️‍👨

At Aloro, we want to ensure that you're optimised across every channel—SMS is perfect for intimate messages that offer rewards or invites to join VIP clubs.

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Use SMS for Tactical Campaigns 🚀

If your customer has high open and response rates on text, you can choose to send campaigns such as new product drops or seasonal style guides.

Unlike "No Reply" emails, you can encourage a conversation to discuss any changes to fit or sizing that might be helpful to your customers.



Features at a Glance


IPHONES-listbuilding (1)

Super Effective
List Building

A key component of success, Aloro focuses on winning strategies to increase the size and quality of your list.

Product-Segmentation (1)


Tailored messages and relevant incentives lead to better results and higher retention rates.


Two-Way Communication

Customers expect personalization and Aloro allows for a direct and meaningful exchange with them.

Integrate With Shopify in Minutes

We prioritize integrating our platform with most e-commerce and CRM solutions. These integrations are seamless and guarantee better results for our clients.
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Aloro is a global company that is compliant in all countries, from the U.S. to Europe.

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