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Developing a Loyalty Text Practice in 12 days

  • Pet Sector
  • Live Clienteling
  • Up to 69% Reply Rate

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Finn really, really love dogs. Through a range of supplements and CBD treats, they want to do everything they can to keep their four-legged friends happy and healthy.

Subscriptions and bundle sales are the name of the game, so Aloro was brought in to tactfully navigate queries while offering helpful advice in the process. 



To build a loyalty text practice so that customers could chat with the brand using text, getting a personal experience and a compassionate exchange.

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Rescuing Customers

Many Finn customers had purchasing concerns regarding subscriptions, whether the products actually worked, or whether they were safe for their doggo.

Aloro was on hand to step in and answer questions regarding dose, whether the products would fix 'itchiness', taste, smell (!), or any other myriad of concerns.

Before being set loose, we choose Aloro Textpers with a passion for pets and then trained them up on the Finn portfolio of treats!

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Post-Purchase Delight

Once you start texting with a brand, it's easy to check in. Aloro's Textperts routinely follow up on purchases and turn one-timers into lifetimers.

Sometimes the message was 'subscribe and save' while in other cases it was more about building a rapport and asking for a dog pic—the best way to show brand affinity.

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Audience Feedback

Lots of Finn customers would have product questions or niggles in the checkout. In every case, Aloro's Textperts were able to offer advice or links to the right checkout.

All feedback is passed back up the chain to the Finn product and dev teams so that Finn can move from strength to strength.

Finn customers would primarily get in touch using two tactics—via an abandoned cart text or by using the "Text us" button we implemented on-site.

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Finn's customer base is exceptionally receptive to text! Here are the big numbers:

  • A 1% incremental rise in site-wide conversions
  • Up to 68% response rate on texts
  • An average of 50% of carts recovered

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"We've already seen our conversion rate on-site blow up since we started working with you guys"

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What’s Next?

Finn continues to lead the way in pet care, pioneering text as a way to chat with customers and build a personal bond.
The next steps in building Finn's loyalty text practice are to develop a smart subscription-based business, to deliver targeted campaigns with personal notes and to build a deeper customer rapport by getting to know each doggo!
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