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Increasing French Class Registrations Through a Thoughtful Text Messaging Campaign

  • Education Sector
  • List Building and Campaigns
  • 30x ROI



Located in the heart of New York City, FIAF is the country’s leading French language and cultural center. For nearly 120 years, FIAF has been the destination for perfecting French language skills in an immersive and culturally rich setting.

FIAF email campaigns usually perform quite well with 30% open rates and close to 20% click-through rates. FIAF had never tried text messaging marketing before but wanted to communicate with their students through a more intimate medium.



To help the French Institute Alliance Française increase student registration for their summer French classes and start a results-oriented and thoughtful text messaging program.

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Building the List

The first step was to start building the phone number list. For three months prior to the campaign, Aloro strategically placed a well-designed pop-up on certain pages of the website. It included an incentive for people to register.


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Delivering the Campaign

Once FIAF collected a few hundred phone numbers, Aloro launched an MMS campaign followed up with a reminder message a few days later.

To create urgency, the second message included a discount and deadline for registration.



Creating a Loyalty Text Practice

FIAF particularly appreciated that Aloro could reply to messages when customers texted back--leaning into the benefits of a text-based campaign.

Aloro’s Textperts were uniquely trained to serve FIAF customers, dealing with common FAQs, discount errors and course details.

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By successfully using SMS list building and marketing, the summer FIAF campaign was a huge success:

  • 38 customers converted with the SMS code
  • An income of over $22,500 was delivered
  • More than half were new customers who never attended a French class before
  • More than 30x ROI delivered


"It is a great pleasure to work with Aloro's dynamic team, which is always looking at innovative ways to help me increase sales. We rapidly achieved 15% growth in revenue and are just getting started."



What’s Next?

FIAF signed a multi-month contract with Aloro, which will work closely with FIAF’s marketing department to craft future campaigns and unique offers for people who subscribe to the text program.

Upcoming campaigns will offer a wide range of films, French tips, and other fun content to retain customers and convert new ones.
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