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List building

You’ve heard the hype: SMS out performs email when it comes to opens and replies. But, how can you grow your SMS list so that it has the same reach as your email database? And, how can you do it in line with TCPA, GDPR and CCPA guidelines?

To adhere to TCPA standards, you need to be aware of the different levels of consumer opt-in for different types of text message. 

Before you can send email-like blast campaigns to subscribers, you need a double opt in from the consumer’s perspective. At Aloro, we term this “automation SMS marketing opt-in”.

However, other levels of opt-in exist. At Aloro we have personal SMS relationships with consumers who have abandoned their carts or replied to a “Got questions, text us!” button. 

We can still send marketing messages to these customers, but it has to be done individually. We term this a “1:1 SMS marketing opt in”

How to grow your automation SMS marketing opt-in list

In a similar way to email marketing, you can use incentives to acquire a customer’s cell phone number. The hook might be:

  • Early access to our new collections, or
  • 10% off your first order

Either way, you’re looking to catch the cell number and inform the customer at the same time that you intend to send them marketing materials.

In some cases, you can collect an email and cell number simultaneously, as you can see here on alma:

TCPA cell collection

Note, on alma, there is some attention given to the terms and conditions on Step 2 of the form. Most brands take this approach when asking for a cell number.

FIAF Case Study

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Double opt-in for TCPA compliance

After a person has added their cell and/or email address, you then need to follow up with two text messages.

The first asks the consumer to confirm ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ as to whether they wish to receive marketing.

If they reply ‘YES’, you then need to follow up with the ‘STOP’ message in case they no longer want to receive messages from you.

After this message, you can follow up with their discount or incentive.

TCPA opt-in

Campaigns rules for 1:1 SMS marketing opt-ins

At Aloro, we enjoy using a “Got questions, text us” button on PDPs. This is a great tactic to create an SMS relationship with your customers where you can build some genuine brand affinity. 

We also send SMS messages to customers who have left items in their carts.

In both of these cases, the nature of the messaging is one-on-one. We term this “1:1 SMS marketing” opt-in.

This level of TCPA opt-in is fine for one-to-one communications with a customer, which can include replying to questions, asking for ratings, reviews, checking-in or even sending a campaign individually.

However, at this level of opt-in, you cannot send automated communications to all your customers about a sale or new product.

Creating automated exchanges from 1:1 SMS marketing opt-ins

Delivering 1:1 communications is totally acceptable, but a little resource-heavy, so we recommend trying to upgrade all of your customers to TCPA compliant status for automated messaging.

Here’s a workflow we use at Aloro to help turn Q&A conversations into TCPA compliant lists for marketing:

TCPA compliant list building 

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